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Welcome to RetroMC, We are a mostly Vanilla PVE server that provides many different types of gameplay. Our server comes packed with Nostalgia, but adds many new aspects and gameplay styles to make renewed interest in Beta. RetroMC runs on Beta 1.7.3.

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Our Server

RetroMC is a Minecraft Beta Server that has been operating since 2014. It begun as a small community server and eventually grew to be an amazing server in the community. The server has grown over time and has been improved greatly and vastly over time and can proudly be called the Oldest Beta Server still operating to this day. The RetroMC community is run by volunteer staff, with the help of the players know as the Council. This design has allowed for the server to evolve in directions that players will enjoy and helps us avoid bad features. This careful planning over the years has led to an amazing experience and multiple types of gameplay.

Our Servers and its Features

Sp00nd's Shop

Player Run Economy

The Economy on RetroMC has been designed to be as player controlled as possible, hopefully leading to an as vanilla economy as possible where the currency is a convenience, not a gameplay shortcut.

RetroMC World Viewer

World Viewer

Our server provides many features inside the web browser to aid players in there ventures, and allow them to look at the server from different views. World Viewer allows for players to view the entire world in High Definition on the likes of Google Earth or use Dynmap to see current chat, and see the players on the map. Learn more...


Custom Coded Features

Our server although it uses many plugins from the Beta days, does strive to improve those plugins, stability and fix bugs to make a great enviroment. We also work heavily to  make our own in house features.  Learn more...

RetroMC Skylands

Custom Skylands

Our server provides a custom dimension called Skylands that is modelled off of the normal Skylands in Beta 1.7.3. Alongside the Skylands we have made features to go alongside the Skylands, such as falling into the void teleporting you to the overworld, random teleport to get out to islands and e.t.c. Learn more...