Welcome to RetroMC, We are a mostly Vanilla PVE server that provides many different types of gameplay. Our server comes packed with Nostalgia, but adds many new aspects and gameplay styles to make renewed interest in Beta. RetroMC runs on Beta 1.7.3.

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Our Server

RetroMC is a Minecraft Beta Server that has been operating since 2014. It began as a small-community server and eventually became a prominent and long-running server in the community. The RetroMC community is run by a dedicated team of staff and developers, ensuring the best experience via the implementation of custom plugins and server software.

Online World Map

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RetroMC 10th Anniversary

RetroMC was established in 2014 by SpacewolfE and was first made public on the Minecraft Forums on June 18th of the same year. The server's primary objective was to cater to players who found the latest updates to be too complex by offering a sanctuary. In the years that followed, RetroMC has progressed and is on the verge of celebrating its 10th anniversary.

RetroMC History (Abridged)

18th June 2014

RetroMC Creation

RetroMC is originally created by SpacewolfE providing a sanctuary to players wanting a simpler experience. 

9th September 2016

RetroMC Shutdown

Due to unknown reasons at the time, RetroMC shutdown unexpectedly. Communication attempts with the old owner when unanswered.

Early 2017

RetroMC Revival

JohnyMuffin established a Minecraft Beta server as a substitute for RetroMC. The server was publicized within a Discord group, primarily consisting of ex-OakGlen members (a town from the original RetroMC). Initially, the server was designated as a whitelist-only server for former members, causing it to remain inactive for the majority of 2017.

November 2017

Going Public

JohnyMuffin's renewed interest in the server prompted efforts to improve and ready it for a public release. Eventually, the server was made public on the Minecraft Forums in November 2017, although the exact date is unknown.

13th April 2018

BetaLands Merge (RetroLands)

The owner of BetaLands expressed a desire to merge RetroMC and BetaLands due to several external factors. Within a few days, RetroMC and BetaLands were successfully combined. This merger brought about significant changes that still have an impact on RetroMC to this day. Prior to the merge, RetroMC lacked an economy, a land claiming system, and other features.

3rd June 2018

BetaLands Split (RetroLands)

The differing opinions of Sweetz and Johny ultimately caused the separation of RetroMC and BetaLands. Following the unsuccessful merger, the server endured a challenging period. For some time, communication between RetroMC and BetaLands was non-existent. Nevertheless, relations between the two servers gradually improved towards the end of 2018

8th December 2019

BetaLands acquisition 

BetaLands, a Minecraft server, underwent significant changes when Sweetz, its previous owner, sold it to LeeTaeJun due to other commitments outside the game. The server underwent a map reset and other significant modifications, leaving its future uncertain. Later, RetroMC negotiated to take over BetaLands and revert it to its pre-LeeTaeJun state. While the server has mostly run independently with a federated staff team, it will merge with RetroMC for the second time.

RetroMC Logo

Please contact us via Discord if possible. Otherwise, we can be contacted via the following email address.